Monday, December 29, 2008

Another reason to ♥ Rob

According to US Magazine:

... a witness at the No on H8 show at The Improv in Hollywood on December 16, Twilight star Robert Pattinson, 22, booed a comic who said, "Here's my impression of Heath Ledger," then collapsed and began faking convulsions.

"Robert and his friend went nuts yelling at him," the source tells Hit Stuff. "The comic didn't knowwho it was, but I'm sure he found out later!"

Pattinson screamed, "F--k you! You suck!" says a witness.


Nicole said...

Good for Rob!!! What an asshole.... I can't believe some douch would say something like that about Heath Ledger! I would have said the same thing Rob did.. GOOD FOR YOU ROB!!!

Laura said...

Thank you Rob- we need more decent people like you!

momof3crazykids said...

Wow, that was a stand up thing to do!

annie said...

Way to go, Rob! Mean people Suck!

I Punched A Werewolf in the Face said...

Just when I thought I couldn't love him MORE!

Maddie said...

Rob is amazing :)

Marci said...

This is my question.... wasn't it a No on H8 show??

apparently not everyone got that.

Amitolane said...


Good on you babe!!

DANJSG1FAN said...

I don't know if this is real, but way to go Rob if it is. We need a interview talking about this if it was.

Karin said...

Yeah, No on H8. I guess the comic with no class or moral value didn't get it. Who would ever think something like that is funny? I never understood dead people jokes.

Mom2 said...

You just got the attention of all the Heath Ledger fans. And of the already crazed Robert Pattinson fans. Keep it up. You are on a roll.

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