Sunday, July 12, 2009

More fans meeting Rob

So finally the shoot ends at 1:30 AM and there’s only 10-15 of us die hard fans left. It was a miracle. He actually talked to the crowed and took pictures with each of us too! I was so very fortunate to have him approach me first as I stood in the front of the line holding out my copy of the April 2009 GQ Magazine. He took my pen to sign the magazine and then looked up at my with a quizzical face. I’m guessing it was because I, a girl purchased and held onto a men’s magazine in hope of one day he would be filming in NYC for him to sign, lol. He was so kind as to ask me my name then the correct spelling after he realized he misspelled it. He apologized for messing up. I couldn’t believe it. I told him that his mistakes were quite acceptable and it he was ever so lovely to take the time out to speak with his fans.

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yaelfica said...

im actually having some tears in my eyes right now...i cant believe that after all that he goes through everyday he could be so sweet to do this...youre so lucky!! im listening to "always" by erasure...and im getting depressed...ill never get to meet heart is in pieces..thanks for the post you girls rock!!

z said...

Ya ... He is so generous to devote his time to fans