Saturday, July 11, 2009

More pictures from Friday and two videos

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Bj said...

I'm sorry, but Rob is starting to look ridiculous surrounded by 6 or 7 huge body guards; running here, ducking there. I had to laugh at the second video with the guy narrating. It was ridiculously funny.
Can't he just say, " Hi, girls. Thanks for coming out, I have to get to work now" and that's it. The whole thing is now looking idiotic to me. I think he makes it worse by not acknowledging those fans.

Tokyo Vogue said...

I hate these videos, I just find it all very weird and stalker like.

To the poster above, I think even if rob said thanks to the girls it doesn't mean they're just going to go home after that they will stay and watch his every move.

What gets me is he really isn't famous he's no tom cruise or brad pitt and not even they get surrounded by people like that. It's all just a bit insane. I think he should take a break as all these fan girls must be stressing him out and he's so polite to them yet maybe he might just snap one day.