Sunday, July 12, 2009

New fan picture

I asked her about her experience and she said that he was nice and that he stood there and took a picture with at least 15 girls one by one. She also described him as a hot dork who was polite, but shy. I then asked her if he smelled and she said that he smelled like beer because he was drinking Heineken in his trailer.


aSoCalGal said... why is it that when I heard he smelled like beer that I thought that was really hot? :-)

How does he stay so in shape when he drinks beer fairly frequently? I don't know, what ever he is doing, it is working for him. I don't think he needs to change a thing

KDayler said...

Yep, he is pretty much amazing the way he is!! He is so generous with his time.....and talented....and ridiculously hot...and adorably self-deprecating and humble...*sigh* I think it must be the British metabolism (about the beer that is ;-)

vloveselvis said...

Funny! Well, I'm from Wisconsin and people drink beer all of the time. Some guys have no problem still staying in shape.