Sunday, February 21, 2010

'New Moon' DVD Menu Screencaps

What do you think? Better than Twilight?

From Twifans

Portuguese movies distributor ZON Lusomundo just posted on facebook some screencaps of disc 1


Extras (Yes with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse sneak peek)

Deleted scenes


Scenes selection



Marie said...

I think it kind of looks the same as twilight! If you know what I mean haha! But ahhh look the eclipse sneel peek! I am deffantily getting the ultimate fan edtion of New Moon! ;)

Gisel said...


Ursula said...

ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I can't wait!!!!
I got me both the Target and the Walmart edition plus the Special Forks Edition sold by Dazzled by Twilight, I think it's time I accept I have a problem!!!!

jujuba said...

I love twilight and I like the new moon! I wish you much success ... KISSES
"Juscélia Brazil; Bela Vista m-s"

Antonia Cullen said...

very happy

KT said...

Can someone please translate the titles of the deleted scenes?

behnaz said...


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